Advantages of Steel Frame Structure


Steel frame structures have indeed gained a lot of ground in the building and construction field. A lot of this success can be attributed to the advantages that they have when compared to the other building and construction materials present in the market. They have continued to gain popularity day by day and have become a common scene in buildings. The question that would arise is what makes them this common and popular? Why are they loved by many individuals? Steel frame structures have a wide range of advantages. We can look at some of these advantages below:

Steel structures take lesser time to build

Time is a precious commodity. It is therefore wise to preserve it in the best means possible. Construction of steel frame structures takes a shorter time as compared to the construction of other buildings because of its flexibility. The labour force needed is minimal due to its easy to assemble nature thus contributing to the less time taken to put up a steel structure. Steel structures are pre-engineered inside manufacturing plants so that when taken to the construction site, they are just simply erected depending on the design of the client.

Steel is economical

You will come to realize that using steel in construction saves you a significant amount of money both in the short run and in the long run. The biggest expense one would face in construction is the labour cost. Labour cost usually dependent on time, would vary depending on the amount of time that is spent on the construction of the building to completion. As we have seen earlier, steel structures take less time when it comes to labour thus becoming cost effective. You would therefore save a lot of money when you use steel for construction as compared to other materials. Again most steel structures come with a pre-engineered design depending on the user preferences thus saving money that could have been spent on paying the architect.

In the long run, steel is also very effective as it does not require a lot of maintenance thus cutting down on the cost. In addition, the flexibility design of steel makes it easy to restructure when needed and also recycled to be used once again. When a steel structure is pulled down, the remaining steel can be reused once again in coming up with a different structure.

Steel structures are strong and durable

When it comes to the strength of a building, it is important that you use a structure that is sustainable for a long period of time. According to Adaptive Steel Buildings, steel is one example of such a structure that can stand strong for a long period of time. Steel structures are made in such a way that they are resistant to environmental and climatic conditions. For example, a steel structure can overcome and withstand strong winds and remain strong. It can also overcome pest infestation, warping, rotting among other environmentally related challenges. This and many more factors make it a better construction structure as compared to the rest.

Steel Structures are fire resistant

Embers from wildland fires or fires on neighboring properties are the biggest contributors to collateral damage during fire emergencies. During a wildfire, the wind can carry hot embers for miles. Those embers then land in nooks and crannies on other structures, igniting them.

Steel frames don’t burn. And steel roofs and siding (standard on all our house kits) won’t burn either. So your insurance company is likely to give you a good price break.

Steel Structures are insect resistant

Termite problems?

Carpenter ants got you down?

Burrowing insects becoming an unwanted guest?

Not with a steel structure.

Our steel structures durability more than 50 years.