How much of steel structure building per square meter?


Most of people care about the price of steel structure building.“How much does a steel structure building cost per square meter?”In fact,there have below 5 factors that affect the cost per square meter of steel structure building are often hidden in the details.


Factor 1 You need to know what you want up front


Most of clients thought that the size of land is the only factors influence the building cost,but there have many other factors need to consider.

Before you ask price,make sure that the sales person of steel structure building,fully understand what you want.Just like the building size,height,wind load,snow load,insulation etc.

Factor 2 Fluctuating Steel Prices


Steel is a global commodity, and its value is subject to the always-changing landscape of the world economy, the status of the American dollar and unpredictable natural disasters. That lack of stability means the price of steel can fluctuate quickly. Steel has seen its value dip in the past few years, but industry experts are expecting a solid rebound this year. So while a metal building might be in your price range now, that can change in a matter of days. That’s why SuperM Steel allows you to lock in a price for a set amount of time with just a small deposit, avoiding any drastic changes in the market.

Factor 3 The building system you choose

If you’re completely new to steel building pricing, here are a few comparisons to other popular construction methods. Follow the links for more information on each building system.

Industrial building 40-65 usd/sqm

Villa  290- 440 usd/sqm

Prefab house 100-160 usd/sqm

Container house 210-350 usd/sqm

Factor 4 The Customizations You Add

The steel structure building has many components can be choosed,which will lead cost change or increase.Below are some of the most commonly selected components that can add functionality to a steel building.

1).Surface treatment of steel structure frame.Hot dip galvanized or painting.Hot dip galvanized surface treatment will be more expensive than painting surface treatment.But have better rust proof performance.

2).Roof and wall sheeting choose.Single sheeting will be cheapest,it suits to most of areas,expect hot and cold area.In the hot and cold area,you need to choose insulation sheeting/panel.The insulation materials including EPS,Polyurethane,Rockwool etc.EPS cheapest,then rockwool,PU most expensive.

3).Gutter.If you choose Gutter,there have galvanized gutter,stainless steel gutter and color board gutter(0.5mm thickness color steel sheeting).

4).Industrial Door.Electric roller door,sliding door,Manual roller door.And the material including aluminum,stainless steel,galvanized steel etc.

5).Window and door.You can choose normal material and type,which is single glass and aluminum material.If the area is hot or cold,then you can choose thermal broken doors and window insulated aluminum material,which is more expensive.

6).Crane for workshop.If you need crane,then we need to know the load of crane,5 tons,10tons or 20tons etc,we will design crane track and crane beam for you,also need to add quotation of crane and it's accessories.

7).Exhaust fan and skylight.There have many kinds of fan,just like no power wind driven ball,you can check on SuperM website. 


9).Sealants and flashings

Factor 5 Construction Cost

That including site foundation cost,labor cost,concrete wall cost and steel structure installation cost.

The foundation cost will be different depend on different land situation.

Concrete wall cost depend the wall material,and height etc.

Steel structure installation cost depend on the site labour cost and installation period.