Quality Control of Qingdao SuperM Steel Co., Ltd


The Quality Control System of Qingdao SuperM Steel Co., Ltd 

We are producing with the products with whole quality control system, following as:

  1. we will have meeting for quality audit every 3 months, the main purpose is to solve the weakness during processing and procedures. 

  2. we are having employees training for quality every quarter, make sure everyone understand the quality is the basement of our company enlarge, property and success. 

  3. we are producing according to the British and Australian Standard, with ISO quality control system, and international steel structure standard (BS-5950, AS4100).

  4. we are asking the feedback and complaints from customers every 6 months, and prepare the summary report to our board meeting, then having meeting to improve the further quality control actions. 

  5. during the producing each process, we are having the quality inspection report record, in this way, we can make sure each product 100% good quality and avoid any questions. 

  6. control the quality start from raw materials, each year, we will visit our suppliers and make the summary of supplier re-evaluation, after analyzing, we will confirm the supplier shotlist for all the coming year. And need the raw material certificate from supplier each order. And we are lab testing the raw material from time to time, ensure the steel grade, and every aspect according to the requirement of clients contract.