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Production Name : Skylight ventilator

Usage : Workshop/warehouse skylight window

Market : Global

Material : Aluminum Alloy   Tempered Glass

Grade : Extruded Aluminum Alloy (6063-T5)

Certification : ISO 9001

Surface treatment : Powder Coated

Size : Custom-made

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Product Description                                                                                                    

It's a product which is supplying integrated function of Natural Skylight, Natural Ventilation and Smoke Evacuation with fire fighting linkage system. We can supply electric control and pneumatic control system. We can supply customized size according to customers requirements. It can be applied in workshop, warehouse, public hall, airport, railway station, stadium, supermarket, hardware stores and so on. 

Working Principle                                                                                                        


When fire occures, the smoke detector will transmit alarm signal to the fire controller box in the buildings and then fire controller system will transmit fire fighting signal to the skylight controller system. After that, skylight controller system will order all motors to open all skylight smoke ventilators to exhaust the smoke. In this way, smoke indoors can be evacuated to outdoors so that people won't be choked to death by the fire smoke. 

Model Type                                                                                                                  

It can be opened or closed automatically. The largest open angle of flat model is 90°. Skylight part material is available in Polycarbonate Sheet, Fiberglass Skylight Sheet or Tempered Glass for natural skylight function.  

Material Construction                                                                                                 

Window Frame: 6063# aluminum alloy thermal- break profile which is heat insulated. Surface Treatment: Power coating which is corrosion resistant. 

Skylight Part: Polycarbonate skylight sheet/ FRP skylight sheet/ Tempered Glass. 

Base: 2mm galavanized steel sheet. 


Driving Control System                                                                                               

1) Electric Control. 

24V safe voltage damper motor can connect the fire linkage control system and inductor of wind, rain and smoke. 

Input Voltage:24V(DC)

Motor Power:36W

Motor Route:200mm- 1100mm

Motor Thrust:600N

Motor Current:peak 1.5A, average 1A

Starting Time: 100mm= 4.41s. 


2) Pneumatic Control
1. It can be opened and closed by manual button on the controller box to exhaust under natural wind.
2. Pnuematic controller box can be connected with signal of BAS(Building automation system)to fulfill remote control.
3. It can be fire linkage,After getting fire fighting signal,fire fighting controller box gives
instruction to skylight smoke ventilator and to make it open.
4. Once getting fire fighting signal,if normal air supply can not supply air pressure, emergency valve 1 in the pneumatic controller box will start to work. CO2 compressed air will start to work to make skylight smoke ventilator open and exhaust smoke indoor.
5. There is temperature inductor at the air cylinder. When the temperature reaches 68 degree, the inductor will be broken. Firing pin in the emergency valve 2 will puncture CO2 compressed air cylinder and make the cylinder open. 





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