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Production Name : ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel) panel

Usage : Wall panel,Roof panel,Floor panel etc

Market : Global

Raw Material : Slica Sand,Cement,Lime,Gypsum

Structure : Two way and welded steel reinforcement mesh

Process : Mix raw material,Moldular panel,cutting and steam curing

Production Circumstance : In high pressure,in hight temperature

Advantage : Light weight,fire resistance,sound insulation,thermal insulation.

Specifications : width 600mm,length 600-6000mm,thickness 50-30mm

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ALC panel (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete panel) is also called AAC panel (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panel) is a new type eco-friendly lightweight porous building material with cement, lime, silica, sand, fly ash the main raw material and anticorrosive steel mesh as the internal structure. The porous crystalline ALC panel is produced by procedures of grinding, pouring, curing, cutting, steaming, separating and so on, through high temperature, high pressure and steaming process and has excellent performance in fire resistance, anti-earthquake, and warm keeping. 









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With cement,gypsm,sand,flying powder,glazed hollow bead,polypropylene fibers,cellulose fibers,crumb aquasorb,water reducer and water repellent as the raw material.

Advantantages : Water resistance,adesion,durability and frost resistance.


Other installation parts:



ALC is made by procedure of grinding, batching, pouring, cutting, curing and so on. It is called ALC for those small and 

even pores inside after foaming. The advantages which make it one of the most popular wall materials as followed:

Lightweight : density of ALC panel is 500-800kg/m3,1/3 of solid clay blocks, 1/5 of common concrete blocks.


ALC panel

Solid clay 

Hollow Blocks

Ceramsite Concrete 

Normal Concrete 







Fire proof : there are double bidirectional steel bars inside of ALC panel and its main raw materials are inorganic, so it has 

good performance on firm structure, resisting fire and releasing no harmful gas

Sound insulation noise reduction : with distinctive large quantities of pores inside, ALC panel has great sound insulation, 

its sound insulation index of 100mm thick can achieve 40.8db

Good heat preservation,energy saving :with a large number of pores inside, ALC panel has good heat preservation

Reducing project cost and Convenient construction : ALC can be used independently without any auxiliary and
reinforced structural components and it also needn't plastering, so lots of decoration costs will be saved

Environmental protection : slag, flyash, mine waste and other industrial wastes can be used as raw material of ALC panel, which is friendly to environment


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1. What is ALC?

ALC Panel (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel) is a lightweight concrete that is formed into blocks and panels for a wide range of loadbearing and non-loadbearing construction applications. It is manufactured from silica sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum, aluminium paste and aerating agents. It is moulded, cut and steam pressure cured in an autoclave before being packed, ready for transport.

2. Is ALC a new building material?

ALC Panel (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel) is an amazingly innovative building material that has been used in Europe for more than 80 years and in the US for more than 15 years.  

3.Where has ALC been used?

It can be used ranging from low rise industrial/commercial developments to high rise offices or medium density residential buildings. 

4. Is ALC a load bearing material?

The intensity of pressure for cube is more than 4mpa. The load bearing capacity for one point is more than 1200N. The rebars within AAC panels are made according to computer calculating force. As a non-loadbearing cladding, AAC panels can be used under circumstances of pressure.

5.What are the benefits of ALC over other building materials?

a.Cost effective - lightweight panels allow for reduced structural components and smaller lifting equipment.

b. Excellent thermal resistance performance.

c. Acoustic performance - effective sound transmission barrier between external and internal environments of the building.

d. Excellent fire rating properties.

e. No wet trades - less mess and a cleaner, safer work area.

f. Less wastage - significantly reduced waste as panels can be custom-made to length requirements.

g. Fewer waste bins and less crane movements.

h. Design flexibility - panels can be easily cut and routed to suit design requirements.

i. Panel lengths up to 6 metres. 

j. Strong, secure and durable with corrosion protected steel-reinforced panels.

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