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NO. 03 

Grade: S355jr/S235jr/G450/G550

Thermal Insulation for Wall & Roof: EPS, Glasswool/Rockwool/PUR Sandwich Panel

Wind Load: Grade 12 

Earthquake Scale: Class 10 

Surface: HDG or Painting 

FOB Qingdao Value: USD 85-150/SQM

MOQ: 500 SQM 

Production Capacity: 100sets/month 

Leading time: 30 days 

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Prefab house, Light Gauge Prefab house, Luxury Prefab House. 

1. Brief introduce:

Prefab house is a flexible product. When delivery, it is knock-down to save the space. When erection, it could be installed by common worker with electric tools according to instruction, Installation dwg drawings or CD.

The detailed information as follows:

2019 Star Design Prefab villa Best two bedroom,Prefab House,Family type prefabricated villa house

2019 Star Design Prefab villa Best two bedroom,Prefab House,Family type prefabricated villa house

2. The Advantages of the Prefab House:

1)The components of the steel structure have small section, light weight, easy to transport and installation, suitable for large span, high height, heavy bearing structure.

2)Suitable for withstand impact and dynamic load, with good seismic performance.The internal structure of steel is uniform with high reliability.

3)Factory mechanized production of steel structure components finished products of high precision, high production efficiency, site assembly speed, short construction period.

4)Easier and fast to assemble and disassemble; 

   Simple and flexible decoration, environmental protection design; 

   Excellent characteristics of: strong anti-knock, sound proof, solid and appreciable, easier to install.

3. Products Features:


4. Products Materials:


5. Production processing:


6. Packing & Container Loading:

We are using the 40'OT and 40'HQ container for delivering the products with good package avoid any damage during transportation.


7. Project Photos:



8. Installation:

THREE ways to help you on the installation:

1. We can offer you the manual include the photos and drawings, or some videos for help you on the installation. And you will organize the local people to install it. 

2. We can send our people to your site to guide your people to install. Or send team people (3-5 people) to your site to install for you. This way is most easy way, but you need to pay their round way tickets, local food, accommodation, transportation, communication and salary, and also their security on the site. 

3. You can send your people (engineers or the technician) to our co- mpany to study the installation details. 


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10. Certificates of our Company:


11. The quality control details:


12. FAQ:

1. How to buy your idea products?

We can produce according to the drawings from the clients or

 we can design as clients requirements if there is no clear plan. We will provide our plans according to the local climatic condition.

2. The advantage of the prefab house.

2.1 : Recycle using: you can assemble it in the site A, then disassemble and install again in the site B, then site C. In such way, there is no industrial rubbish after you finish the jobs in the site.

2.2 : Low cost. The steel structure is much lower on the cost then the tradition building.

2.3 : Quickly installation. In the normal, 6 skilled persons team can install 150 sq.m house every day.

2.4: safety: the prefab house can resistance 7 grade earthquake, and 100km/H wind.

3. The mainly use of the prefab house:

In the normal it’s mainly used as temporary building in the site, such as temporary office, labor accommodation, etc. And in the recent years, the prefab house is largely use in the resettlement housing in some disaster area. In 2008, it played a major role on the resettling the victims after the terrible earthquake on 12th, May, 2008.

4. How to maintain your prefab house?

4.1: First of all, when the prefab house is installed, it's better not to make any other changes, like an expansion, adding partitions or cutting down the walls, or removing screws, and so on.

4.2  : Made the re-paint every 1-2 years after you install it. Such way can increase its service life and keep beautiful.

4.3 : Finally, do not tie the wire to the prefab house, which will lead to the prefab house uneven force and easily cause electric shock accident.
5. How to prepare the foundation for the K style prefab house?

In the normal we will offer you the foundation drawing to prepare the foundation. In the normal the K style house is the strip foundation.

6. How many flooring can the K style prefab house build?

In the normal we will suggest you to do the K style prefab house in 1 floor or 2 floors. And the highest one is 3 floors if you need. And will suggest you not build the house more than 3 floors by K style house. If you want to build the house more than 3 floors you better choose the design of T house design supported by the H shape steel.

By the way, if you want to layout the toilet room in the K style prefab house, you’d better made it in the ground floor for the water proofing.

7. The materials option for the thermal insulation:

We have 3 materials for your option:
They are: EPS sandwich panel, glass wool/rock wool sandwich panel, PU (polyurethane) sandwich panel.

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