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NO. 05 

Grade: G450, G550

Surface: HDG 

Design Wind Standard: Max. 300Km/h

Life durability: 50 years 

Light Gauge Steel frame fabrication building 

FOB Qingdao cost: USD 100-150/SQM

MOQ: 1 set

Production Capacity: 50 sets/Month 

Leading time: 30-45 days 

Shipment: 40'HQ or 40'OT 

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Prefab villa house, Modular villa house, Luxury villa House, Light gauge villa house, light steel structure villa house, prefab villa. 

1. Brief introduce:

Prefab house is a flexible product. When delivery, it is knock-down to save the space. When erection, it could be installed by common worker with electric tools according to instruction, Installation dwg drawings or CD.

The detailed information as follows:

  Product specification

Roof shape

  double gradient,four gradients, or more styles.

Technical parameter

  Roof Dead load


 Roof live load


Snow Bearing load


Wind pressure


The resistant earthquake grade

8 degree


Light steel structure

Using Q235, Q355, G450, G550 material.


Material used

             Asphalt shingle, resin tile, steel tile, cement tile, earthenware pipe etc.

  self-adhesion waterproof roll,sprinkle toast waterproof roll

Thermal insulation filling

  glass wool, extruded polystyrene board(XPS panel)

  vapor proof film


Material used

 PVC hanging panel, cement fiber hanging panel, metal hanging panel

               Cement sand plaster, latex paint, exterior wall tile, cultured stone, other stone material etc

  Thermal insulation filling

 exterior Thermal insulation--- extruded polystyrene board(XPS panel),Polyurethane composite board(PU panel),aluminum mirror coating

interior Thermal insulation---sound-absorbing insulated glass wool


   General room

 Floor tile, wooden floor,carpet         

   Room with water

  anti-skid floor tile


 General room

    Mineral wool absorbent borad, calcium silicate board, plaster board, aluminum gusset board  

 Room with water

 PVC, aluminum platic boardm waterproof plaster board


 General room

                     Floor tile, wooden floor,carpet (demands on function)         

Room with water

anti-skid floor tile

Structure material

 Thin wall galvanized C keel+OSB board+decorative floor material

 profiled steel sheet composite foor deck+decorative floor material

ASA floor deck+decorative floor material

Filling material

 sound-absorbing insulated glass wool

 Door, Window

Could be customized


 Cable yarn

BV-2.5mm² / BV-4mm², can be customized according local condition


220/380V  110V   can be customized according local condition


Water feeding

 PPR tube, aluminum plastic tube, galvanized tube

UPVC tube

2. The Advantages of the Prefab Villa House:

Safer: The premium physical and chemical performance of steel is better than other structural styles. Steel performs better in disasters such as earthquake, typhoon etc, so the use of steel structure is safer.
Durable: LGS housing is made from anti-corrosion and high strength ZINCALUME steel. The structure is more durable and there is no need to worry about contribution to a fire.
Comfortable: The steel structure is moisture proof and insect proof. The living environment is more secure and comfortable.
Flexible: All pipes can be concealed in the walls or floor structure. The actual usage area is at least 5% more than traditional concrete buildings. The different living areas can be divided freely according to the design requirement and won’t be restricted by the position of the load bearing walls.
Energy Saving: The Composite light weight and high strength floor and wall materials are insulated reducing noise and saving a lot of money in energy costs.
Environment Friendly: 100% light gauge housing frame is recyclable. There is no environmental pollution concern.
Design Flexibility: Light gauge steel construction can accommodate almost any style of residential buildings up to 3 floors. If it can be built with concrete, it can be built with steel.
Low Cost: Compared with concrete or other types of structures, a light gauge steel structure is light, and reduces the requirement on foundation loads, which can result in large scale savings in foundation costs.
Speed up: All the parts can be pre-fabricated in the factory and are quick to install. The sequence of design makes it possible to construct both internal and external walls simultaneously, which speeds up construction.
Quick Capital Turnover: The quick installation won’t tie up developers’ investment and can speed up retrieving capital and so reduce the investment risk and improve the investment benefit.
Environment Friendly: Dry construction has little environmental pollution, as all parts are connected by screws. Construction is not affected by the season, and can continue in winter. There is little scrap left on site and no water is required in the construction process. 100% light gauge housing frame is recyclable.
Developing Trend: It is the developing trend in the global construction industry, whoever occupies the market first will have the best opportunities.

3. Products Features:


4. Products Materials:


5. Production processing:


6. Packing & Container Loading:

We are using the 40'OT and 40'HQ container for delivering the products with good package avoid any damage during transportation.




7. Project Photos:




8. Installation:

THREE ways to help you on the installation:

1. We can offer you the manual include the photos and drawings, or some videos for help you on the installation. And you will organize the local people to install it. 

2. We can send our people to your site to guide your people to install. Or send team people (3-5 people) to your site to install for you. This way is most easy way, but you need to pay their round way tickets, local food, accommodation, transportation, communication and salary, and also their security on the site. 

3. You can send your people (engineers or the technician) to our co- mpany to study the installation details. 



9. Different Wall system Options:

1)Steel mesh+steel keel+concrete(with foam)

Best Price Easily Assembled Prefabricated House Prefab Beach Villas


2)Steel keel+ Calcium silicate board/cement board/OSB board

Best Price Easily Assembled Prefabricated House Prefab Beach Villas


3)Light steel frame+cement board

Best Price Easily Assembled Prefabricated House Prefab Beach Villas

10. Certificates of our Company:


11. The quality control details:


12. FAQ:

1.Q: What should I provide to build a light steel prefab house?
A: Very easy! Sketch drawing would be a better reference for us. However, never mind if you don’t have. Simply notify us your requirements, such as the area, usage and the storeys of the house. Then you will possess a amazing house design in a short time.       

2.Q: how could I ensure the cost of building a light steel prefab house?
A: Firstly, the designing scheme should be accepted. Then, the kinds of building materials should be confirmed since different types and qualities make different prices. After the above info confirmed, our bugeter will calculate a good price for you.

3.Q: How Long does it take to build a light steel prefab house?
A: It depends on the size of the house. Generally, the construction period of is 1 month of a 200-square-meter house by a construction team of 5-6 people. It only costs one week to build the steel structure frame.

4.Q: Can you send workers to help us build house?
A:Considering the labor cost, safety and visa issues, we suggest to send one or two    engineers to guide and train your staffs.  You must provide air tickets, hotel, and meal, and 100USD per   day for engineer salary.

5.Q: What is the lifespan and warranty period?
A: For the light steel villa, the life span is 50years, for the engineering camp and modular house is 10-15 years, and the warranty period is 12 months from delivery.

6.Q:what are the advantages of light steel prefab house comparing to the traditional building?
A:Better isolation of sound and heat, Better fireproof and anti-seismic, Wind resistance, Time and labor saving, More usable area, Excellent termite-proof capability

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