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Production name : Electric rolling shutter door

Usage : Rolling door of warehouse/workshop 

Market : Global

Material : Galvanized steel ,stainless steel aluminum silicate fiber, GSS

Size : Custom-made

Surface treatment : Galvanized or Powder coated

Feature : Fireproof

Operation : Electric/remote control/manual

Power Supply : 3-phase 220V/380V

Packaging Details : Plastic bag+Foam board+Strong carton.

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Fire Rated Roller Shutter Door. A model of Rolling Doors with fire resistance and function of interlocking with building fire control center. The door can be controlled by the fire control center, and it can also be equipped with sensors like smoke sensor or temperature sensor directly. When there is fire accident, the door can receive the fire accident signal and automatically close to prevent spreading of fire. 

It is used in fire compartment or escape passage of factories, commercial buildings, and supermarkets. Made from special fireproof material, it can prevent spreading of fire and protect life and property.


All kinds of factories, Commercial buildings, Warehouses, Stores, and Garages.

Product NameGalvanized steel  rolling gate  fireproofing coiling doors for shop shutter

Structure of Curtain

double-layer (8mm galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet + aluminum silicate fiber + 0.8mm GSS/SSS)

Filling Materia

aluminum silicate fiber


treated with plastic spraying


1. High performance, strong resistance against wind, high strength, anti-theft;
2. Easy to operate, either incorporated with Fire Control Center or operated independently; controlled by machine according to the smoke sensor and the temperature sensor, both manually and automatically;
3. When power cut occurs or the electric control goes wrong, it can be open or closed by pulling the chain.
4. Safe and reliable for it has a brake device to prevent the chain breaking and insure life and property security.

Dimension (customized or ref. as follow)

Width of Curtain: 86mm
Thickness of Curtain: 17mm
Dimension of Guide Rail: 120mm X 70mm X 1.5mm
Dimension of Bottom Rail: 40mm X 55mm X 1.5mm
End Bracket: Master: 530x320x4mm; auxiliary: 530x320x4mm




Factory, shopping mall, warehouse, garage, parking

The roller shutter is made of steel, which is applied for the curtain, the guide rails, the bottom rail, the door head, the box and etc. It is equipped with a rolling motor and a control box. It meets the requirements of integrity against fire.


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