Mauritius 1680 sqm steel structure warehouse 20m W x 84m L


Project Description :

Name :Mauritius 1680 sqm steel structure warehouse 20m W x 84m L

Wind load : 270 km/h

Width x Length : 20m x 84m

Eave Height :5.058m

Ridge Hieght : 6.45m

Column distance : 6m

Total weight : 55 tons

Surface treatment of steel structures : 3 layers of painting

Total cost : 47 usd/sqm.

Belophotos including drawing photos,products photos,please check :

Designs :

3D drawing_meitu_1.jpg

foundation_meitu_3.jpg Roof_meitu_4.jpg

Flashing_meitu_2.jpg section drawing_meitu_5.jpg

Wall panel drawing_meitu_6.jpg 3D drawing_meitu_1.jpg

Products photos :

conew_img_0155_meitu_8.jpg conew_img_0151_meitu_7.jpg

conew_img_0157_meitu_9.jpg conew_img_0614_meitu_1.jpg

conew_img_6683_meitu_2.jpg conew_img_6685_meitu_3.jpg







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