Seychelles steel structure warehouse 36.5 W x 60.68m L


Project Description :

Name : Seychelles 2215 sqm steel structure warehouse 36.5m W x 60.68m L

Inside with a cold room and sepericate 2 floors show room.

Wind load : 270 km/h

Width x Length : 36.5m x 60.68m

Eave Height : 6.35m

Ridge Hieght : 10.23m

Roof Slope : 1:20

Type : Portal frame

Column distance : 5m

Middle column : No

Sliding door : 8 Pcs

Total weight : 62 tons

Surface treatment of steel structures : Hot dip galvanized

Cladding : 0.6 mm thickness single corrugated steel sheeting,roof sheeting and wall sheeting white gray color

Partation wall : EPS Sandwich panels 100mm (0.5+EPS100+0.5mm) 16gr/m3100mm thickness of EPS sandwich panel.Total 2693 sqm

Cold room wall sheeting : PU Sandwich panels 100mm (0.5+PU100+0.5mm),488 sqm.


Wooden flush doors  W800xH2100mm (incl accessories)  17 Pcs

Aluminium half glazed door W900x2100mm (incl accessories) 13 Pcs

Aluminium half glazed door W1800x2100mm (incl accessories) 5 Pcs

Sliding metal door W3000xH3600mm (incl accessories) 6 Pcs

Sliding metal door W4000xH5000mm (incl accessories) 6 Pcs

Insulated Sliding metal door W4000xH3600mm (incl accessories) 2 Pcs

Other Accessories:

Complete ceramic toilet bowl  8 Pcs.

Complete ceramic wash hand basin 9 Pcs.

Downpipe : 80 Pcs

Gutter for showroom 1.2mm galvanized steel : 30 Pcs. 

Total cost : 55 usd/sqm.

Below photos including drawing photos,products photos,installation photos of Seychelles steel structure warehouse 36.5m W x 60.68m L,please check :

Designs :



QQ截图20190824102626_meitu_1.jpg QQ截图20190824102706_meitu_2.jpg

QQ截图20190824102742_meitu_3.jpg QQ截图20190824102805_meitu_4.jpg


Production loading container photos:

conew_img_0388_meitu_6.jpg conew_img_0390_meitu_8.jpg

conew_img_0389_meitu_7.jpg conew_img_0396_meitu_10.jpg

conew_img_0391_meitu_9.jpg conew_img_0397_meitu_11.jpg

conew_img_0400_meitu_12.jpg conew_img_0403_meitu_13.jpg

conew_img_20150513_091314_meitu_20.jpg conew_img_20150513_111139_meitu_21.jpg

conew_img_6064_meitu_14.jpg conew_img_6066_meitu_15.jpg

conew_img_6081_meitu_17.jpg conew_img_6082_meitu_18.jpg

conew_照片 028_meitu_25.jpg

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