◆ FRP Roof Sheet Skylight Sheet advantages: cost
2. Loading bearing: It can load 150 kg per square meter evenly; 
3. Light weight: 5-6.0kg/square meter; 
4. Water resistance: 100%; 
5. Fire resistance: Self-extinguish off fire; 
6. Anti corrosion; 
7. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance; 
8. Sound and heat insulation; 
9. Small Thermal expansivity; 
10. Environmental protection and energy conservation; 
11. Easy to install


◆ FRP Roof Sheet Skylight Sheet description: 

Product Name

Fiberglass Skylight Roofing Sheet

Resin Ingredient

Advanced benzene-----new neopentyl glycol anti-ageing DTM-1 resin.

Surface Treatment

Surface applying Morplated anti-ageing glue (80 µm thickness or so) and pastes Melinex 301.

Glass Fiber

Adopting Taian high- quality glass fiber, the content no less than 30%.

Unit Weight

1800g/m² 2400g/m² 3050g/m²

Nominal Thickness

1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm. 3.0mm. 4.0mm

Heat Resistance Limit

-60 to +130

Light Transmittance

75%±2% ( light green) 53%±2% (cream white)

Anti- ultraviolet Rate


Tensile Strength


Flexural Strength


Cracking Elongation Rate


Barcol Hardness


Thermal Expansion Coefficient


Thermal Conductivity

 0.18w/m° k


10 years

◆ FRP Roof Sheet Skylight Sheet pictures & types: 

◆ FRP Roof Sheet Skylight Sheet installation: 

◆ FRP Skylight Roof Sheet Project Reference:

◆ Packing & Delivery


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